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10 дневна подготовка за Стартапи
-Writing projects for EU grants from (HorizonEurope 2021-2027 and Erasmus + 2021-2027) -National fu..
46,375 MKD
Презентирање пред инвеститори
Презентирајте ја вашата идеја пред Бизнис Ангел инвеститори, огромна прилика за вашиот бизнис или..
18,000 MKD
Изработка на Инвестициски план
Научете како најпаметно да ги инвестирате вашите пари. Менторирање во целиот дел од процесот од с..
55,000 MKD
Обука за претприемачи
Поминете го целиот процес на станување претприемач, потпомогнати од вистински професионалци со по..
15,000 MKD
Изработка на Бизнис План
Пакет 1 - за изработка на бизнис план ..
18,540 MKD

За нас

Emkice KIC as private company working with Start Ups and SME's on smart specialization with specific skills, vocational education and training (VET) coaching and training providing platform to private sector. We also work with entrepreneurs and startups with support for job creation, economic growth, business competitiveness, and sustainable development. To become competitive, innovative and productive for the international market EMKICE over the years got specialized for the objectives:

1st) innovation and commercialization of innovations, the development of new products, through innovative technology and services;

2nd) Support for access to finance to innovation, research, technology development (I + R + T + D);

3rd) International and transnational cooperation, smart specialization, sharing of knowledge, VET and learning new skills, education for creative thinking, problem solving, and entrepreneurial spirit especially among youth in digitization and e-learning platforms, therefore we established Emkice KIC - Research and Development Center for Innovations, from 2022.

Areas: #CircularEconomy #ClimateChange #NextGenerationEU, #EuropeanGreenDeal, #EuropeanDigitalDecade, Health, Agri-food, Circular Economy and Bio-Economy, Industry and Technology, Climate, Natural resources, Waste, Resources and Environment, Energy, Mobility, Digitization and Social challenges



  • +389 2 6090-266
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  • +389 2 6090-266
  • info@emkice.mk
  • ЕМБС:7576510 ЕДБ:4043022532540


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